Sunday, 28 October 2012

Guzman y Gomez, Civic

Guzman y Gomez is not the only burrito chain in town, but they were able to confirm via email that the veggie burrito, burrito bowl and tacos would be free of animal products if you ask for no cheese on them. It's a good thing we sorted this out earlier, because the service is express-style and it could be tricky to query the ingredients if there is a queue of people lined up behind you.

The tacos come with taco shells, beans, salsa, fried vegetables and guacamole. Although they were quite tasty, they would not satisfy a big hunger. For the same price you can get the the burrito bowl. It is more filling – the serving portion seems larger and it comes with a generous serve of rice instead of taco shells. The "bowl" is actually a disposable paper carton.

The shop is in the Canberra Centre on Bunda St near the entrance that leads to Supabarn.

Veggie taco (no cheese)

Veggie burrito bowl (no cheese)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Earth's Garden Organics, Newcastle

Recently we returned to Earth's Garden Organics (formerly Sunny's Cafe) in Newcastle. The menu has been significantly improved with the addition of a dedicated vegan section and a raw food section. There are a number of tempting animal-free raw food desserts. Pictured below are the vegan noodles, raw "sun burger" and cashew creamsicle dessert. The sun burger looked a lot like the one in Ani Phyo's first raw food book, and has dehydrated seed bread. The creamsicle was topped with fruit and syrup. It all tasted as beautiful as it looked.

Vegan noodles

Raw sun burger

Cashew creamsicle
Earth's Garden Organics
86 Maitland Rd
Ph 02 4962 1304