Sunday, 3 July 2011

Kingsland Restaurant, Dickson

Kingsland is the only completely vegan restaurant in Canberra. There is a huge choice of Asian-style dishes with creative use of vegetables, tofu and mock meats. The taste of meat is a distant memory for us, but thankfully, the mock meat doesn't quite mirror that taste. Most of the time you can just forget that it is supposed to represent an animal body part and enjoy it as the food as it is.

Anyway, we prefer the tofu dishes and there are plenty of those to choose from. The stir fried lemongrass tofu (pictured below) is a tasty dish to be savoured.

There is free tea on arrival, the staff are very friendly, and prices are affordable. There are lots of gluten free options, clearly marked on the menu.

The nest

Rice paper rolls

Stir fried lemongrass tofu