Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Global Cafe, Civic

The Global Cafe on Northbourne is a good place to go if you are hungry for some Ethiopian food at lunch time. It's a basic style cafe that offers a small selection of vegan dishes, and an $8 lunch special where you can choose up to three dishes to have with injera bread or rice. The vegan options include a selection of dhals, a spicy pumpkin dish, and a cabbage, carrot and green beans dish. If you're into coffee, they also serve cheap soy flat whites! They use Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee.

Global Cafe is open 11 am - 3 pm Monday to Friday for lunch, and 5 pm - 8 pm some evenings for dinner.

Lunch special

Cabbage, carrot and green beans with red lentils in spicy sauce,
and split yellow peas with spiced pumpkin

Global Cafe and Bar
Flavours of Ethiopia 
63 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City 
(close to Jolimont Bus Interchange)  
phone: 6247 4104

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  1. I was lucky enough to try some of their vegan dishes at the Living Green Festival last weekend and have been looking for the business name.
    Thank you so much for this information. I'm now bookmarking this page.
    Cheers, Nina