Saturday, 24 September 2011

Au Lac, Dickson (part 2)

On another visit to Au Lac, we ordered the stuffed bean curd in sweet & sour sauce. It appears to be bean curd that has had noodles stirred through it and then baked. The sweet & sour sauce is quite hearty and natural, almost like a thick soup. Some lightly cooked vegetables are included. This is great vegan food and we don't know of anywhere else in Canberra that makes anything like it.

Stuffed bean curd in sweet & sour sauce
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Au Lac Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant
Shop 4, 39 Woolley Street
Dickson ACT
(02) 6262 8922

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Sunny's Cafe, Newcastle

Sunny's Cafe is located in Islington near the Hamilton train station. The premises are those of an old shop, with a rustic atmosphere quite unlike anything you would see in Canberra. The menu contains a number of vegan items, and we were told that the non vegan meals could easily be made without animal products if requested. So, naturally we declined the free range eggs and went straight for the vegan goodness.

For dinner we had the lime infused curry (from the specials board) and a vegan burger. Our request for gluten free bread in the burger was easily met. Both meals were full of flavour and we would certainly order them again. We also had a freshly-made juice along with the meal.

We did go back, but it was breakfast time and so we ordered a big serving of the chai spiced buckwheat pancakes, which were quite delightful along with our soy coffees.

Lime infused curry

Vegan breaky burger

Chai spiced buckwheat pancakes

Earth's Garden Organics (formerly Sunny's Cafe)
86 Maitland Rd
Ph 02 4962 1304