Monday, 3 October 2011

Rice Tapas Bar and Restaurant, Civic

'Rice' is located upstairs in Garema Place where the old Tip Top restaurant was. It has been redecorated and looks much more modern. It now has a Thai menu and we took part in their lunch special. We asked about options for vegans and they came up with three dishes. Of these, we ordered two simple stir fries with tofu and vegetables. We appreciated their friendly service because finding vegan food in town can sometimes be a challenge. Asian restaurants offer mislabelled "vegetarian" meals which contain sauce made from sea creatures. If you go to 'Rice', explain that you're vegan because these dishes might have some non vegan sauce in their usual form.

Sweet & sour rad khow

Gatiem rad khow (garlic stir fry)

Rice Tapas Bar and Restaurant
24 Garema Place, Canberra
Ph 62476161

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