Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Banana Leaf, Civic

The Banana Leaf restaurant specialises in Sri Lankan cuisine and occupies a very prominent position in City Walk opposite the Canberra Centre. There are a few interesting mains on the menu that can be made vegan. What's more, the staff were very helpful in explaining the options to us.

The vegan version of the 'kottu roti' consisted of roti bread strips served with vegetables and lentil curry, along with tamarind and chilli sauce. The 'string hoppers' had various curries, coconut sambal and chutney served with rice noodles. Both were quite filling and tasty. We also had a side salad tossed with mango vinaigrette. Unfortunately there were no dessert options, however we were told that they can prepare something without using animal products if given some advance notice. The prices here are higher than for our usual vegan fare - this may be a consideration if you're on a tight budget.

Kottu roti (veganised version)

String hoppers

Banana Leaf Restaurant & CafeShop 2, 240-250 City Walk, Canberra(02) 6248 5522

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