Monday, 18 August 2014

Cafe Essen, Civic

Lately we've been to Essen a few times for the monthly vegan coffee and cake meetup. We find that there's usually a few vegan items on the menu, as well as vegan cupcakes. On this particular evening, the specials board had a vegan burger, so a few of us gave it a try. It had a potato pattie – basically a hash brown – along with tasty eggplant puree, avocado and sauces. Highly recommended! Cheers to the friendly staff for letting us split the bill.

Vegan burger

Specials board

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I have to come to Canberra in October to do some stuff at ANU and, as a vegan, can't really 'do' the food on offer at University House. If you have any tips on good places for breakfast / lunch I'd love to know. I'm not very familiar with Canberra and won't have a vehicle, so walking distance or public transport would also be helpful but not essential. Thanks again, that burger looks great! Loraine

  2. Hi Loraine, thanks for dropping by our blog.
    Zambrero is a good option at the ANU but it gets a bit boring if you have it every day, and it's not unique to this city. Do check out the Food Co-op, I believe they are doing vegan breakfasts as well as their cheap student lunches.
    Otherwise head over to the friendly Vegan ACT facebook page & search or ask a question. CV.